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Hi-Line Health Foundation

Our mission is to support and contribute to assure the availability of quality health care services on the Hi-Line

How Memorials work for Liberty Medical Center

When we lose a family member or friend and we use one of those Foundation memorial envelopes what happens to the money? 

First and foremost a letter is sent directly to the family announcing your donation has been received by the Foundation in memory of their loved one. 

The family also receives a letter asking them if they want to designate the use of these memorials, their options are anyone of the parts of the Liberty Medical Center departments on the LMC Campus, be it clinic, long term care, acute care, Wheat Country Estate, radiology, physical therapy, residents activities, emergency care unit etc.

 If after four weeks the family does not have a specific designation then memorial dollars are placed in a fund called spendable memorials. These combined memorials are spendable at the discretion of the Foundation Board Members. The board uses this fund to assist with the purchase of more expenses items not funded by budget restraints.

Your memorials gifts are a lasting memory for your friend and family. “Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together”

Our heartfelt thanks for your overwhelming consideration and generosity which has allowed our facility to be the constant beacon of hope for medical needs of our communities of the Hi-Line!

Liberty Medical Center, like other rural medical facilities has continued to be dominated with ever changing rules and regulations of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement policy for funding the operations of the hospital. As these uncertain times for reimbursement of services continue to shake down the funding for our system, it most important the we sustain funding for the upgrades necessary to acquire the state of  the art medical equipment and supplies for our physicians and medical staff ability to provide beneficial health treatments for their patients.

Our hospital is funded in part by the mill levy from our Liberty County Tax payers. The Advisory Board members of Liberty Medical Center have designated these funds for capital equipment and improvements of the facility. None of the funds are spent for payroll and administrative costs. We thank those taxpayers for passage of the mill levy, and we will work to earn your continued support.

Please reflect on the personal satisfaction that you as donors can gain from Year End giving to the Hi-Line Health Foundation. Your charitable gifts may include bonds, cash, life insurance, mutual shares, retirement plans; securities are just some of the possibilities to consider. Always consult your tax accountant or financial planners for strategies that would benefit you and your future through charitable gifts.

Thanks again for remembering the Hi-Line Health Foundation with your gifts larger or small. They are most important to the survival of our hospital.

Base Funds

All donations that the Foundation receives go towards the base fund unless they are designated for a specific project. The base funds are never spent, but invested for future generations.

In 1988 when the Hi-Line Health Foundation was formed, THE MAIN goal was to establish a $1,000,000 base to draw interest. Only the interest from the base funds (not base funds)- would be spent to support and contribute to the Liberty Medical Center AND to assure quality health care services on the Hi-Line. These base funds are monies contributed by YOU to the Foundation in the form of gifts, bequests, family memorials, and the two annual fundraisers: the membership drive and the Trip-of-the-Month campaign. The Foundation Board is ecstatic to report GOAL met! $1,000,000 has been achieved! This has been made possible by all the generous people and many organizations who have contributed to this success.


These most recent improvements were made possible by contributions that allowed us to be partners with others who are caring and compassionate people who provide support for the services atLiberty Medical Center. Thanks to you all!

Ophthalmic burr tool 
Ear wash system 
EKG machine 
Otoscope desk set 
Laptop for physical therapy 
Refurbished telemetry unit 
Sit to stand lift 
Computer screens for providers 
ER cabinets 
Dragon training and software (dictation software) 
Outdoor chair for WCE 
Up to date software subscriptions 
Christmas gifts for residents 
Waiting room chairs 
LMC outdoor/indoor signage 
Rocking chair 
TV for activities room 
Flags for clinic exam room doors 
Spotify music subscription for dining room 
WCE sign and foyer update 
Finger traps for ER 
Manual blood pressure cuffs 
Employee appreciation week support 
Loan repayment assistance for employees
Vital signs machine-long term care and WCE


Have you Thought about Your gift to the Hi-Line Health Foundation? 
A Tax-Wise Approach to Charitable Giving 
(Strategies for preserving wealth)

Many individuals feel strongly about extending personal support to causes they believe in. If you’re one, perhaps you’re unaware of the difference such support can make in the effectiveness of your overall financial strategy and estate plan. You may not realize that in instances a philanthropic gift can:

  • Reduce income tax liability during your lifetime
  • Help manage capital gains tax
  • Enhance your asset yield
  • Help lower inheritance taxes on your estate

We would like to describe some of the most frequently used ways of incorporating a program of philanthropic giving into your estate plan. Of course it is always essential that you seek the advice of your estate-planning attorney, who can help you decide what approach is most suitable for you.

Wall of Honor
Corral Of Compassion | Prairie Windmills | Grain Trucks | Grain Bins | Community Elevators

Our mission is to support and contribute to assure the availability of quality health care services on the Hi-Line.

How does a person become part of the Foundation? Anyone who makes a contribution becomes a member. You become a member if you give a gift to our membership drive, purchase tickets for out annual benefit or give outright gifts such as memorials. Donations are cumulative and once the sum of twenty five hundred dollars has been given, the donor will be honored on the wall on our "Train of Thoughtfulness." The display depicts activity of the agricultural community in which we live and has been placed on the wall by the x-ray department at Liberty County Hospital. The corral of compassion, listing all the names of the donors at the first level, surrounds the prairie windmills at the five thousand dollar level and the grain trucks at the ten thousand dollar level. Donors who have given at the twenty-five thousand dollar level and the fifty thousand dollar level prestigiously adorn the top of recognition wall with the grain bins and grain elevators.

Trip of The Month

The Hi-Line Health Foundation Board would like to thank all the community members for their continued support of healthcare. We conduct two annual fundraisers; year-end annual membership drive, & the Trip of the Month. The income generated from both the membership & trip draw campaigns are invested in our base funds. The base funds are never spent but invested for future generations.

 The interest from the base funds & memorial funds from caring & compassionate people allows us to be partners in providing & maintaining needs for the advanced medical services at Liberty Medical Center. We also assist Hi-Line organizations with programs that promote health concerns.

September Winners
Hilton Head, SC:  Bill and Brenda Harmon
Gift Your Way:  Phil and Sue Nordstrom
Cash Prize:  Mark and Kathy Engstrom

August Winners
Phoenix Suns Basketball:  Pam McClean
Gift Your Way:  Ric and Sue Beals
Cash Prize:  Sharon Spicher

July Winners
Austin Texas:  John and Nancy Kleinsasser
Gift Your Way:  Matt and Stephanie Waller
Cash Prize:  Curt and Mary Kay Rambo

June Winners
Dallas Cowboys Football:  Larry and Christi Fossen
Gift Your Way:  Glenda Hanson
Cash Prize:  Sandy and Jeanette Anderson

May Winners
Las Vegas:  Rod and Inez Keith
Gift Your Way:  Ed and Joey Cole
Cash Prize:  Shawn and Jessica Wall 

April Winners
Kauai, Hawaii:  Kent and Gail Matkin
Gift Your Way:  Robert and Beverly Pugsley
Cash Prize:  Kelly and Carlene Diemert

March Winners
Two Airline Tickets-Jerry and Mary Lois Hybner
Gift Your Way-Heather Parker
Cash Prize-Tom and Pat Ludwig

February Winners
San Francisco:  Grace Ness
Gift Your Way:  Jenaya Rockman
Cash Prize:  Garth and Lila Good

January Winners
Alaska Cruise:  Michael and Keisha Wood
Gift Your Way:  Steve Weinert
Cash Prize:  Marlene Rocks 

December Winners
Universal Studios Florida:  Ed and Charlotte Kelly
Gift Your Way:  Shelly Sheldon
Cash Winner:  Jeff and Kathy Pimley

November Winners
Minneapolis Mall and Ball:  Tom and Ronell Wood
Gift Your Way:  Bruce and Heidi Richter
Cash Winner:  Marlow and Chelli Fossen

October Winners
Dublin, Ireland:  Colin and Julie Lybeck
Gift Your Way:  Dick and Sue Hansen
Cash Prize:  Margaret Meissner

Office Staff

Andie Kolstad, Foundation Office Manager
PO Box 705
Chester, MT 59522
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Executive Committee

Executive Committee: 

  • President: Judy Tempel
  • Vice President: Joyce Preeshl
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Julie Erickson
  • Office Manager: Andie Kolstad

Board Members:

  • Judy Tempel
  • Kayla Johnson
  • Christi Lakey
  • Pat Ludwig
  • Leslie Smith
  • Patsy Minnehan
  • Chris Mattson
  • Brenda Harmon
  • Robert Padmos
  • Joyce Spicher
  • Joyce Preeshl
  • Tara Hendrickson
  • Julie Erickson

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