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Board of Directors

Liberty Medical Center can not thank our Board of Directors enough.  They take their volunteer roles seriously, many of whom were born and raised in Chester and the local area.  They work closely with the Liberty County administrative staff, and play a major part in deciding the actions and events of Liberty Medical Center.  We are an exceptional health care facility in part because of their support and knowledge.

Board Members

Larry Hendrickson, Chairman

Britney Tempel, Sec./Treasurer

Merlin Wolery

Maureen Wicks

Tim Bronk 

Ex Officio Members

Lacee Lalum, Director of Finance

Patsy Minnehan, Hi-Line Health Foundation Board

Gladys Young, MD

Patrick Armstrong, PA-C

Jeff Chelmo, PA-C 

Darren Young, PA-C

Ashly Parker, PA-C  


Time  5:30 pm 
Location: Administrative Conference Room

Governing Board Meetings 2018

Oct 24th 
Nov 28th 
Dec 19th (due to Christmas)

Governing Board Meetings 2019

Jan 23rd 
Feb 27th 
March 27th 
April 24th 
May 22nd 
June 26th 
July 24th 
Aug 28th 
Sept 25th 
Oct 23rd 
Nov 27th 
Dec 18th (moved up a week due to Christmas)

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